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Schedules of Indian constitution :-

Welcome to the India’s Updates : Student Portal. Today we’ll discuss about schedules of Indian constitution in pdf. You will know about it. You can also download pdf of Indian constitution’s schedules.

The constitution of India is the world’s largest written constitution. It gives equal rights to all of us. Our constitution gives us freedome of expression and many more.

Schedules of Indian constitution

In Indian constitution, there are 12 schedules. In the original constitution, there were 8 schedules in it. Four schedules have been added at different times. Here you will know about it in details.

So today we’ll discuss about all 12 schedules of Indian constitution. Here are the information about all 12 Indian constitution schedules.

All Schedules ( 12 )Subjects (Related provisions)
1. First ScheduleName of states and union territories.
2. Second Schedule Salary & allowances of President, Governors of states, Speaker & deputy speaker of Loksabha, Rajyasabha and states assembly, Judges of Sc & Hc and CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General of India).
3. Third Schedule Forms of Pledge and Affirmation of ministers, Mp & Mla, Judges of Sc & Hc, CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General of India).
4. Fourth ScheduleAllocation of seats of states and union territories in Rajya Sabha.
5. Fifth ScheduleProvisions related to administration and control of scheduled areas and scheduled tribes.
6. Sixth Schedule Provisions related to administration of scheduled ares of Tripura, Assam, Meghalaya and Mizoram.
7. Seventh ScheduleDivision of powers into three lists (Union List, State List and Concurrent List) at Center and States.
8. Eighth ScheduleIncludes 22 languages ​​recognized by the constitution of India.
9. Ninth ScheduleIt was added in 1951 by first amendment, It mentions the acts and order related to land tenure, land tax, railways & industries.
10. Tenth ScheduleIt was added in 1985 by 52nd amendment, Disability provisions of MPs and MLAs based on party change, Also called anti-defection law.
11. Eleventh ScheduleIt was added in 1992 by 73rd amendment, It mentions the powers, authority and responsibilities of the Panchayat.
12. Twelfth ScheduleIt was added in 1992 by 74th amendment, It refers to the powers, authority and responsibilities of local self-government institutions in the urban area.

Schedules of Indian constitution pdf download

So these were India constitution’s schedules, you can also download pdf of schedules of Indian constitution. To download pdf just click pdf button below the articles.

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